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Africans Paid $ 3,500 and Expelled from Israel

When I was in Israel, I heard the following story: If Africans are not allowed to Israel, they are paid $ 3,500. I thought that this was due to the fact that earlier the rights of Jews were infringed upon, and in order not to respond in kind, the Jews came up with some kind of compensation.

Why are they not allowed to enter Israel?

Its not so easy to get to Israel. When we crossed the border, we were held in a small room for more than 5 hours, and then we were interrogated in detail. There were guys from Ukraine in this room. They were gathered together and deployed home.

Photo from Yandex Pictures enabled article-render__block_bold-enabled-articleal-ital = «8»>It happens that whole planes are not allowed into Israel. And even if you bought a ticket wanting to relax at sea, you may not be allowed into the country. Airport workers always suspect that you want to stay in Israel. Actually, I would not mind if they didn’t let me in and paid 3500 dollars. But Im not from Africa.

What about money?

As I learned later, money is given not to those who were not allowed in, but to those Africans who decided to voluntarily leave. That is, if a native of Africa is in the country illegally, he is offered $ 3,500 and a free ticket home. If he continues to hide, he is caught, imprisoned and expelled from the country already without money.

Choosing Africans

The most interesting thing is that there are no queues for money arose. And it was easier for Africans who live in Israel to go to jail than to return to their homeland. Some Russians probably understand them. What would you choose?

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