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He took the money from the Americans and gave it to an orphanage. A touching story from life

Orphanages near major cities are usually not poor. They want to help city dwellers who are too lazy to go to the hinterland. Orphanages located far from cities really need help.

Once my brother and his friends went to the # orphanage in Staro-Baishevsky district, rep. Bashkiria. In addition to children, there were also pensioners. Apparently in Russia there are not enough normal buildings and the management decided to combine the orphanage and the nursing home.

Photo at the entrance to the Orphanage for the elderly and disabledPhoto at the entrance to the elderly and disabled Orphanage -points = «4»> The children in this orphanage were handicapped, and this greatly moved my brother. He took one child in his arms and asked:

— What do you want? Do you have desires?

«I want a player,» he said.

— Okay, you will have a player. — said my brother.

Children study the gifts we brought themChildren study the gifts we brought themBaby player

My brother did not have the opportunity to come to this orphanage again, because he was preparing to move to the United States. So he left without going there again. But he could not forget the promise given to the kid and therefore decided to arrange a New Years fairy tale for him and other children.

Students actors from the Academy of Arts Students actors from the Academy of Arts

My brother asked me to arrange a trip to the # orphanage. He found the number of the head of the theater group and gave it to me. I called and offered to speak at the orphanage for free. I had no experience in organizing such events. We had to agree on different issues like:

— And we will be feed?

— I don’t know, it’s uncomfortable for me to ask this in an orphanage.

Then I just got a job at a nightclub. I spoke at the meeting, with a request not to remain indifferent and to put in the piggy bank as much as everyone sees fit.

The club employs waiters, bartenders, dancers. Someone earns on tea, someone muddies up. As a result, enough money was collected in the piggy bank to rent the bus. I also created a group in contact, in which I invited everyone to participate. Someone handed over stationery, someone donated toys, someone volunteered to become a photographer of this event.

Sincere smiles of children Sincere smiles of children New Years fairy tale

We arrived at the orphanage and were fed all the same. After that, the actors put on an amazing performance. Pensioners and children were delighted. The children were very happy with our gifts and it was really touching. And that kid got his own player.

CD player. This is still a 2011 CD player. This is still 2011Well the Americans here?

A few months later, I received a call from the orphanage, they asked for correctional textbooks. I was glad of their call and told my brother about it. He organized a charity party in the states, and he sent me the money he helped out. I bought the tutorials and everyone was happy.

Money of American uncles and aunts for Russian children) Money of American uncles and aunts for Russian children) Correctional textbooks for children Correctional textbooks for children

While I was writing this article, I wanted to inspire people for good deeds again. If you think that it takes a lot of money to do charity work, then you are not. I propose to participate in the attraction of unprecedented generosity! Donate as much as you like to charity!

Where will these I will report the money in the comments.

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