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How Jews Throw Russian Workers in Israel. My memories of working in Tel Aviv

variety and extreme. So I decided to go to work in Israel. This decision was a lottery, because not everyone is allowed into Israel. Those visitors who arouse suspicion are not allowed there. Suspicions that they will stay there.

We were prepared to cross the border and eventually managed to cross it. But it didnt go entirely smoothly. We were kept at the border for about 5 hours and then interrogated. They asked to show credit cards and rummaged in the phones.

Working in Israel

We came to work in Tel Aviv and immediately felt the attitude. What could have been expected? Its just that migrant workers are treated like migrant workers. But something else was unpleasant.

I had to work hard. I had to stay after work. Overtime was not always paid. And when I received my first salary, I was shocked, because working in Russia I earned about the same and did not plow like a horse.


In general, Israel has a good salary, but since taxes are removed there, for health insurance, food, accommodation and part of the income are steadily taken by the recruiting agency, then a large commission accumulates.

ShekelShekelScheme of deception

I don’t know, perhaps it was only at our place of work, but in truth, our accountant was a fool. Perhaps he skillfully pretended to be, but the point is this.

We were paid for the hours worked. We went to the accountant and tried to talk. We asked why he didnt count all our hours? He said something like: Oh, I was wrong. And so it happened all the time. Perhaps this is an indication from the top to spend less on workers … In my opinion, this is low, but what do you think?

How I ended up in the same issue with a strange Jewess ? ?

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