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How long will the sea get tired of if you move to Sochi? Telling about my personal experience

I remember as soon as I moved to Sochi, I immediately fell in love with this city. Then we rented an apartment with friends overlooking the sea. When I was having breakfast and drinking coffee, I looked at the #sea and it calmed me down. The sea gave me strength for the whole day. Then I worked almost seven days a week and could get sated with positive emotions from just looking at how the salt water went over the horizon.

A person gets used to everything

Whatever we do, something nice or, on the contrary, unpleasant, after a while our occupation turns into a routine and ceases to inspire. Over time, this view from the window became familiar. After three years, you can only swim a couple of times during the whole summer.

Sochi, Riviera beach, p. enabled article-render__block_bold-italic-combination-enabled article-render__block_unstyled «data-points =» 8 «> If a person comes from the north of Russia, he considers it his duty to swim in the sea. Even in winter. Therefore, people swim in Sochi all year round.Locals do not go to city beaches in high season due to the fact that the water is too dirty and warm.Locals to swim in a mountain river more.It is refreshing on a hot day and is much cleaner than sea water.

Summer, sun heat

When I lived in the Urals, I constantly missed the summer. # Summer was like a moment that slipped away at the most interesting moment. In Sochi, summer lasts about six months. And sometimes the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. At such moments, you move in dashes from one air conditioner to another and catch yourself with a terrible thought: « Faster autumn.& # 39;

Of course, Sochi is no longer as inspiring as it used to be, but because of this, I didnt like the city any less. I like the climate and the opportunity to see both the sea and #mountains. There is a lot more interesting here besides the sea. I ❤️ Sochi. Put it if you love it too!

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