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How to travel all the time and not think about money? I am telling you how my friend did it

I am often asked: Where do you get money for travel? But its not about money, its about priorities. If it is important for a person to travel, he will find money. A friend of mine whom I met in India has about the same story.

Where can I get money for travel? Where can I get money for travel? My friend Petya

Pete had to leave Russia for his own reasons. And he couldnt go back yet. As soon as Petya arrived in India, he rented a scooter from an Indian for a month. I spent most of my budget on scooter rental.

Renting a scooter monthly is much cheaper. For Petit, it cost 200 rubles a day or 6,000 rubles a month. He rented a scooter to tourists for 300 rubles a day and earned 100 rubles every day. Then the dollar cost about 30 rubles and 3 dollars was enough for him for food.

Om Beach in GokarnaOm Beach in GokarnaWhat about housing?

, and there you do not need to pay for the rent of the living space. He slept on a hammock and cooked food on the fire. There in the jungle we met him. Besides him, other people lived there who were looking for enlightenment.

Travel Earning Opportunities

I traveled in India for 4 months and made money in the foreign exchange market. During the trip, I constantly met those who made money remotely. Remote professions can travel without any problems.

Those who do not see themselves in a remote profession can follow Petya’s example. But rent not a scooter, but real estate. Some come to Goa and rent houses or bungalows for the whole season. Then they are looking for tenants and renting out housing already at a different price.

Jungle in Goa Jungle in Goa

Actually, there are a lot of opportunities, you just have to see them. And dont worry about Petya, I saw his photo on the social network. He married an Indian woman and now drives a limousine.

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