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How We Saved an Israeli Soldier Who Lost His Weapon from Prison

Earlier I wrote that I worked in Israel. On my channel you can find an article on how much you can earn there. One day at work we had a day off and we decided that we did not want to spend it at home. We wanted to go somewhere and see something interesting.

Our choice fell on Caesarea. The residence of Pontius Palita. Since my girlfriend and I are fans of the Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov, we decided to go there.

Israeli soldier. Photo from Yandex PicturesIsraeli soldier. Photo from Yandex Pictures

We got on the bus and wanted to pay the fare before Caesarea, but the driver started shouting something in Hebrew. Either the wrong bus, or the wrong time.

Purim is a Jewish holiday. Photo from Yandex PicturePurim is a Jewish holiday. Photo from Yandex Image

We stood at a bus stop and thought that our day off would probably still have to be spent at home. The next bus was scheduled to arrive in more than 2 hours.

I was standing brooding and lost in myself when I heard someone screaming. A small bus driver contacted me.

— English?

— EU, EU.

Soldier of the Israeli army. Photo from Yandex Pictures Soldier of the Israeli army. Photo from Yandex Pictures

will gladly take us to Caesarea for 20 shekels per person. We got on the bus and noticed that it was full of soldiers with weapons.

There are many military personnel in Israel. They carry weapons with them all the time. It looks strange at first, but then you get used to it. Sometimes on the beach you can meet girls in a swimsuit and with weapons. But they do not carry weapons with them in order to feel safe. The fact is that for the loss of weapons, soldiers are imprisoned. My beloved thought it was too harsh a punishment. But on the other hand, if a bad person finds a weapon, then the punishment is well deserved. I did not understand at all how you can lose a weapon, this is not some kind of candy wrapper.

Israeli soldier on the beach. Photo from Yandex PicturesIsraeli soldier on the beach. Photo from Yandex Pictures

Our bus stopped and the driver said that the next stop Caesarea. At the current stop, a couple of soldiers got off and the bus moved on.

At this point, my darling pointed me to the seat. There was a submachine gun. I immediately shouted to the driver to stop. The soldiers sitting next to him came to the door and shouted from the bus to this bungler. The soldier walked over and took his machine gun. And he didnt even say thank you for keeping him out of jail.

By the way, I wrote a book about life and work in Israel … Its called How We Sinned in the Holy Land. Now you can download it for free. Ill leave a link to it in the comment to this post.

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