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It is cheaper to take out a mortgage in Sochi than to rent a house. I tell you why

In summer, tourists from all over the country come to Sochi. The owners of apartments and rooms want to make money on this and rent out apartments for rent. The tenants who lived with them in the spring and winter, they drive out into the street. Or, alternatively, they raise the rent.

Being homeless during the season

I would like to sincerely wish you NOT to be in the same situation as I am. When there are a lot of tourists in # Sochi, it is very difficult to find accommodation.

I called all the ads I found on the Internet and said everywhere that the apartment has already been rented out. At such moments, you have to contact firms that help you rent a house and take a commission. Such often firms turn out to be scammers. But I was lucky. If I may put it that way.

Railway Station in Sochi enabled articleold-renderblock-enabled combination-renderblock_block_block_block = «7»> I rented a room with a shared shower and toilet. The kitchen had to go to another building. My neighbors were guests from neighboring countries who woke up very early and discussed something vigorously in their own language. Then I was very grateful to whoever came up with the earplugs.

What about the prices?

I had to pay 14,000 rubles a month for this room and I was constantly nervous. Then I thought about the mortgage. I came to the bank in flip-flops and a T-shirt and said that I wanted to buy an apartment. Soon I was approved for a mortgage for 30 years with a monthly payment of less than 10,000 rubles.

You can live in this apartment or rent it out 16,000 rubles. Remains for mortgages and utilities. If you want to pay off your mortgage faster, you can rent an apartment for rent. And given how the ruble is depreciating, — # mortgages are becoming a pretty good deal. Put ? if you liked the article)

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