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Kindness of Abkhazians, which surprised me in Abkhazia

I live in Sochi and often travel to Abkhazia to spend the day there … It is not always possible to stay with an overnight stay. Literally an hour and a half from home and Im abroad. I really like it.

The case in Abkhazia

Into one from the weekend I decided to have a rest in the city of Sukhum. But it will take a long time to get to it. I had close to time and I tried to do everything quickly. I drove to the border and passed it. (I wrote how to get to Abkhazia in the article 3 steps and you are abroad )

Black Sea, Gagra, Abkhazia Black Sea, Gagra, Abkhazia

Next I need was to take a bus and safely go to Sukhum. And then I saw a bus with passengers leaving in the direction of the capital of Abkhazia. I ran after him, but did not catch up.

The next bus to # Sukhum will not be known when. Usually, drivers wait until the bus is fully loaded and only then set off.

  • Apparently its not my destiny to get to Sukhum today — I thought.
  • Where are you going? a passing man asked me.
  • To Sukhum, wanted to get on the bus, ”I said sadly.
  • Lets go, well catch up now!

Various thoughts quickly flashed through my head, such as: I will now be taken away somewhere and sold for organs. I heard about various terrible incidents that took place in Abkhazia … But there was no time to think, I jumped into the car and we rushed off. The driver called someone and spoke in Abkhazian. Well, — I thought, — it seems he is already agreeing to whom to sell organs. Call a friend

As it turned out, he called the bus driver. He stopped and I was able to change seats, before than thanking my savior.

  • How much from me? — I asked the bus driver.
  • Free, — he said.
  • How free?
  • Entry is free, exit is 300 rubles.

I smiled and went to Sukhum …

If I hadnt been in Sochi , this would not have happened, and if it had happened, I would have had to pay a large sum, and here is a whole wallet, and organs 🙂

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