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Paulo Coelho forever discouraged me from traveling alone. I am telling you how I followed in the footsteps of the «Alchemist»

I left my country at the age of 14. Then I saw the sea ​​for the first time. Probably every traveler will confirm that if you go on a trip only once, illness immediately sets in. Outside of travel, the patient experiences withdrawal symptoms. He needs to constantly visit new places, otherwise life becomes incomplete.

Following the call of the heart

I used to love reading Paulo Coelho’s books and was impressed by his «Alchemist».

After reading the book, I decided that I, like the hero of the book, waiting for a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. So I decided on the country where I will go on a trip. I put off thousands of rubles every month and after a little over a year I already had enough for a trip to # Egypt

Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Egypt

travel together. But, as is often the case when it comes to buying tickets or travel packages, everyone merges at once, complaining about the lack of time or money.

I clearly heard a call, and so I was ready to go on the trip alone … And so I did. I came to Sharm al-Sheikh and the first thing I did was buy an excursion to the pyramids. And now I am already in Cairo at the pyramids.

The prize sector is on the drum!

I ended up at the Egyptian pyramids and it was incredible. What I saw only in films and in pictures is now right in front of me. But what about the treasure? Where to find it? I looked around and looked for an answer. Of course, I did not expect to find a treasure chest near the pyramids, this treasure should be metaphorical.

Egyptian pyramidsEgyptian pyramids

— Egyptian force! — I thought. — you need to look for a hint in the book.

Then I read books on the phone. I looked into the book (it was Maktubs book) and read the following:

The teacher said, “We all need love. Loving is part of human nature, just like eating, drinking and sleeping. Sometimes, when we are completely alone, watching a beautiful sunset, we think, “This beauty is not important because I have no one to share it with.” If the sunset doesnt make sense to you, go in search of love.

Since then I have always found myself traveling company. And later he found love. Do you like to travel alone?

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