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Spent 3 days in the mountains. Telling How It Was

Ill tell you right away that it was just incredible and I really liked everything. Im going to write several articles on this topic, so subscribe if you are interested in the topic of hiking in the mountains.

View from Mount Achishkho View from Mount Achishkho

We decided to conquer the summit # mountains Achishkho. This is a difficult and dangerous route. Only one climb took us 10 hours. I had to constantly move up the path was about 15 km.

Turning the wrong direction

At the very beginning of the path we took the wrong route and 2.5 hours later we met guys who said that the route was difficult and in the dark we would not be able to climb it. I had to go back. So we lost about 4 hours.

When it got dark, we turned on the flashlights and moved at the risk of falling off the cliff. Everything ended well, and when we embroidered into the clearing in front of Lake Mirror, we turned off the lights, because the moon illuminated the path.


We decided to put up a tent on Lake Zerkalnoye, and in the morning continue our way to Mount Achishkho. For making fires in that area, they are fined 30,000 rubles, so it was a good idea to take a gas burner.

Lake Mirror Lake Mirror

When we finally climbed #Achishkho and rested, it started raining and thunder boomed. The mountain decided to tell us that we should not stay until dark and asked to leave. We went to the tent for the night.

I will soon release a full video about this # expedition for now, I suggest looking at what I shot on my phone:

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