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What to take pictures and videos on while traveling? Camera Comparison and Personal Choice

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Nowadays, many travel mainly hunting for cool pictures. In principle, there is nothing funny about it. Indeed, for famous bloggers, this is sacred content that will bring cherished likes. And the most popular bloggers convert likes into rubles)).

Travel essentials

Portable photo studio with cameras and accessories that will be equipped with the latest technology, provide gorgeous photo content. But shooting sometimes takes place in a hurry and in extreme locations. Therefore, our portable studio may not return home in full force.

Our photo and video studio should be compact. In short, it would be ideal to fit all the functions into our phone. Agree that it is convenient when a photo studio fits in your pocket? Lets compare a phone with a DSLR.

A camera with a 50mm lens

I traveled to India and carried with me a DSLR camera with a lens — fifty. It is also called a portrait lens. You get cool and high-quality pictures on it. After amateur processing in Lightroom, the photo looked like this:

Photo taken with a DSLR with a portrait lens Photo taken with a DSLR with a portrait lens

Carry the camera with you. It is quite heavy and bulky. Therefore, if you go to the beach to swim, you will not want to take it with you. What if there is a fantastically beautiful sunset on the beach?

Shooting with iPhone 10

It is much more convenient to shoot with the phone. We went to Bali and took pictures with the tenth iPhone. There is a normal mode and a portrait mode. If you are not a professional model, then a photo on an iPhone is the best option for you. Rate the quality:

Photo taken with iPhone 10 Photo taken with iPhone 10 Photo with iPhone X Photo with iPhone X

If you take the eleventh iPhone, then you will get cool pictures even in the dark. Therefore, I do not recommend taking a DSLR with you. The lighter your suitcase, the easier it is to move around the world.

Shooting video while traveling

Plus a SLR camera that you can shoot high-quality video with it. Heres a clip I shot in India:

But Like many other travelers, I like the video shot with the GoPro better. Because the action camera is great for image stabilization. I also like the wide format. Photos and videos can contain more. Take a look:

GoPro photo — almost the entire beach in the frame GoPro photo — almost the entire beach in the frame

The big advantage of a GoPro camera is that it can be lowered into water. This video on the third go is about:

The video was filmed in Eilat, Israel. In the bowels of the Red Sea. In the same place we bought a go pro 7. Very cool camera. We filmed our blog in Bali with her. But when editing, I messed up something with the video resolution and I got black stripes around the edges:

The video in the seventh model of go pro is much better. GoPro has established itself as the best action camera manufacturer. Im a big fan of go pro and I definitely recommend it.


Usually, when traveling, batteries run out at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, take an external battery or Power Bank with you. Do not forget about covers to protect your cameras from mechanical damage or moisture ingress.


When I travel, I always take my GoPro with me because its like a travel mascot. I think fans of this camera will understand me. Perhaps there are some analogs, but I have not tried and do not want to.

Your phone will be with you anyway. Therefore, if you are going on a trip, take a phone with a good camera. After all, its nice to see in a few years how happy you were on that journey … Vivid impressions and no less vivid photos from your travels!

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