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Where to rest with tents on Pavlovka? Rest on the Pavlovsk reservoir in Bashkiria

We decided to relax with tents on Pavlovka and asked the question: Where can there be relax with tents and is it possible? And is it paid? We asked Yandex a similar question, but could not find the answer anywhere. So we went at random and had a good rest, spent time looking for a place. I decided to share the material with you, because there is no such article.

Navigator or pointers

We drove to Pavlovka following the navigator. When we almost arrived, we saw a sign to Pavlovka, which said that you need to turn left. And the navigator led us straight. We decided to find out if we were driving correctly and entered into the navigator not # Pavlovka, but # Pavlovskoe water storage and the navigator showed that we would go for another 2.5 hours in the other direction. In the end, it turned out that we were driving correctly.

Paid and free rest

There are many tourist bases in Pavlovka where you can have a cool rest. But the prices at these tourist centers are appropriate. We drove to Pavlovsky Park. They refused to let us in, because due to the pandemic, entry there is only on vouchers.

But you could drive to the neighboring camp site. Entry there cost 200 rubles per person. However, all seats ran out as early as 8 am. We went to look for places further. On the way to Pavlovsky Park, there were parked cars next to a closed barrier.

We went down below and saw how 3 companies were accommodated in tents. Right on the bank of the reservoir. There was no room nearby, the tents were placed very compactly.

We went further and saw a great place where the company was staying in three cars. I didnt want to get up next to them. We went up to the car and went in search of further. Moving along Pavlovka, we made a turn towards the river and drove along the road where you can touch the bottom of the car. And so we did.

Red rocks on PavlovkaRed rocks on Pavlovka

After driving a little we found ourselves in a wonderful place where you could get up with tents. There were even tables and benches. We went further and saw a sharp cliff. There was a wonderful view from the cape. It was possible to get up with tents there, but it was very hot and I wanted to swim.

Nizhnyaya PavlovkaNizhnyaya Pavlovka. A place where you can relax with tents Nizhnaya Pavlovka. A place to relax with tents

Someone advised us to look at the site for tents on the lower Pavlovka. As I understand it, this is the area that is located below the dam. When we passed by I saw a couple of tents there. Actually, we stopped there. And they did not regret it at all. On Pavlovka, you can simply relax gorgeous. By the way, we shot a comic video there, take a look:

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