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While I was traveling in Asia, income dripped into my account. How I Achieved It

I traveled in Asia for 4 months and didnt even work remotely. All I needed was to make sure the laptop was on or off at a specific time. During major economic news, the laptop had to be turned off. He worked mainly from Monday to Thursday and brought me about 50 thousand rubles, but in some months he could bring even 100.

At that time, a dollar was worth about 30 rubles, and in good months I made $ 3,000. As you can imagine, this is good money for Asia. So I was in no hurry to go home. Travel and pilgrimage

When we first arrived in India, we behaved like ordinary Russian tourists. Sometimes we ordered lobsters, and when we couldnt finish them, we fed them to the dogs. At this time, the Indian women massaged our legs.

After meeting interesting people, we wanted to look deep into India and get some kind of enlightenment. We went on a journey to the holy places. At the same time, we were constantly looking for information, and all the time I was learning new things. Constantly learning something.

Varanasi Temple Varanasi Temple How I made money

I had a deposit of $ 7000. I deposited this money into my account and installed a trading robot. He worked on trend reversals and entered first with one lot, and then with two more. Each of the lots recorded a profit of $ 170. That is, $ 510 could be earned in about an hour. Sometimes the robot did not enter the deal and had to wait and earn nothing. But the average monthly output was $ 1,500 — $ 2,000.

Of course, in such a matter as trading on the foreign exchange market, there are great risks and I, in no case, do not recommend going there without special knowledge. But I was lucky, and for a while I lived only on passive income. I still have this trading robot and is gathering dust somewhere on my computer. Who should I throw it off?

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